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  • One on One wealth coaching 
  • Wealth Coaching
  • Multiple Sources of Income
  • Workshops & Webinars

I’m Ashish, Your Wealth & Technical Consultant

Ashish has overall 35+ years of Industrial experience in areas of electronic instrumentation & software engineering.

Ashish has over 22+ Years of Experience in Software engineering which includes technical Solutions, Consulting & Delivery management of Clients in various domains like Statistical Process Control, Financial markets, Blockchain platforms, and technologies
3 years of experience as head of the training department for conducting technical training
Over 10 months of experience as an independent consultant and wealth coach, published my book on financial independence as an author
10+ Years of Test Project Management experience, in a global delivery model, managing teams across various locations
Experience in interacting with clients from US, Europe, and APAC on various domains and led all phases of end-to-end test engineering engagements

My Mission & Vision


Ashish is on a mission to help and educate over 1 lakh people about their finance and get them to take small Actions so that they can achieve their financial goals by creating multiple sources of income using the latest digital trends and platforms including and not limited to blockchain


Making millions of people happier , healthier, prosperous and positive.


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My latest book for wealth management –

Five Secrets to Financial Independence

“The biggest difference between financial success and failure is how well you manage your money. It’s simple: to master money, you must manage money.” – T. Harv Eker

Managing your finances, managing money, investing in suitable instruments, and making financial decisions are considered to be complex tasks involving mathematical calculations using formulae and excel sheets. But in the real world, people are reluctant to make financial decisions on money management and investments which can lead them to financial independence at an early age and help them achieve their financial goals. In this book, the author has shared his experiences and stories regarding financial independence with easy-to-understand terms and language.

Main Services

We All Need Help to Realize

What We Want Most.


One on One Coaching

One on one sessions to provide you the insights on your personal finances, insurance needs and additional sources of income


Wealth Coaching

-Optimizing your expenses
-Increasing your income
-Putting your money at work
-Budgeting properly



Conducting workshops and seminars for wealth management
I will help you Manifesting Money Using the Law of Attraction

Technical Consulting & Coaching

  • Technical consulting software engineering, quality engineering & process
  • Block chain training
  • Software test engineering


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    Making millions of people happier , healthier, prosperous and positive