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Approach changing 9000 lives in 10 years


Awarded Power Nutritionist Expert of the year 2018-19

Eminent Research

Leading Nutritionist & Dietician for Maharashtra Region (2018-19)

Gold Medal

Received Gold Medal in Diploma in Health and Nutrition from IGNOU

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Our Expert - Shilpa Bhoskar

Shilpa, the Founder Director, is the ever-smiling, ever-inspiring face of Activense.

With her background in Microbiology, MBA and Master’s degree in Dietetics and Food Service Management she brings insight and multiple facets to her job. Always a keen observer, she understands her clients’ nutritional needs acutely and comes with original, practical and scientifically backed solutions. She has a vast clientele of about 9000+ of various age groups. From Child nutrition to geriatric nutrition, from sports nutrition to various life-style issues. she has worked in multiple areas.

Typical of a consultant, Shilpa also loves to talk a lot. She shares her knowledge through camps, seminars and health talks.

My Mission & Vision


"To help a hundred thousand people before December 2027, to reverse pre-diabetes and prevent type 2 diabetes, so that they lead a diabetes-free, happier, healthier, prosperous, and positive life."


To educate how lifestyle correction can help us lead a healthier life.

The E.A.R.N.

Diet is not about starving. It is eating the right food, in right quantity, at the right time. Welcome to Activense ! A space that treats you and your body individually!!


Fusion Salad


Greek Breakfast


Spinach Salad

A New Approach To
Health & Life

Nutrition Coaching

For all age groups from Children, Sportspersons, elderly to people facing lifestyle related issues

Weight Management

Weight gain, weight loss, muscle gain, weight maintenance

Food & Supplements

What, When and How much to eat !! Foods according to your preferences, supplementation wherever required.

Sports Nutrition

Diet suggestions for various types of Sports

Balanced Body Mind

Suggestion of exercises you should do based on the requirement and ability. Various techniques for balancing mind.

New Book Launching Soon

A Comprehensive Guide for Reversing Prediabetes and Achieving Optimal Health

Discover the transformative journey of “Prediabetes to Health.” This comprehensive guide unveils powerful strategies and tools to reverse prediabetes and enhance overall well-being. With a professional and engaging approach, this book provides actionable steps grounded in the latest research and expert insights.

Explore essential principles of nutrition, exercise, stress management, and sleep optimization while gaining a deep understanding of prediabetes, its complications, and the importance of early intervention. With a reader-friendly style, it offers personalized action plans, addresses psychological aspects, and includes valuable resources such as meal plans and recipes.

Whether newly diagnosed or living with prediabetes, this empowering roadmap enables individuals to regain control of their health, prevent type 2 diabetes, and unlock a healthier future.


Nutrition for you

Services & Benefits

Prediabetes Reversal

Prediabetes Reversal program offers comprehensive approach to reverse prediabetes, empowering  to regain control of their health and prevent the progression to type 2 diabetes.

Pre And Post Natal Nutrition

Optimize your nutrition for pregnancy and postpartum with our expert Pre and Post Natal Nutrition services, promoting the health and well-being of both mother and baby.

Sports Nutrition

Gym nutrition and Sports nutrition, Muscle gain.

Weight Management

Weight loss, weight gain, Fat loss, fat gain, muscle gain

PCOS management

Manage PCOS and PCOD using our detox measures. Connect with our diet expert to know more

Heart Health management

Keep your heart healthy with our holistic approach including a balanced diet, and heart-healthy lifestyle.

Success Stories

Cdr. Mukund Joglekar(Retd.)

Director – Touch Innerself

Anand Shastri

General Manager- Kuehne Nagel

Luv Shah

Director – Creator3

Eminent Research

Awarded Leading Nutritionist and Dietician of Maharashtra

    What My clients are saying

    “My Son’s immunity has improved multiple folds after following the diet “My Son’s immunity has improved multiple folds after following the diet and supplements suggested by Shilpa, he is fit and fine and can burst crackers and enjoy with his friends. Thank you Shilpa”
    Sheetal Inamdar
    Happy Mother
    “ I was operated 5 times in 2 years for a fracture and yet it was not healing, I was again advised to undergo bone grafting operation but after following the diet and supplements suggested by Shilpa madam, the bone has healed and the holes formed in the bone due to the rods are also improving.”
    Mahesh Shingate
    Happiest Client of Bone Health Management
    “ I have lost 10 kgs. weight in 4 months after following Shilpa madam’s diet plan, that too after eating my favourite food. Thank you madam.”
    Masha Doe
    "Our Rockstar Prathamesh Nadkarni Reduced 43 kgs of weight in 9 months!! He came down from 116 kgs to 73 kgs. with consistent and persistent efforts. At the age of just 27 years her was suffering from high blood pressure, high cholesterol levels and HbA1C at pre-diabetic level. Now after 2 years also he has maintained his ideal weight of 73 kgs. That is definitely an achievement for him and me!! "

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    Need Help?


    Prediabetes is a condition in which blood glucose levels are higher than normal but not yet high enough to be diagnosed as type 2 diabetes. It serves as a warning sign that you are at risk of developing diabetes if preventive measures are not taken.

    Yes, it is possible to reverse Prediabetes. By making certain lifestyle changes such as adopting a healthy diet, increasing physical activity, managing weight, and reducing stress, you can lower your blood sugar levels and decrease your risk of developing type 2 diabetes.

    In this webinar, you will learn about Prediabetes, its risk factors, and how to effectively manage and reverse it through lifestyle modifications. We will provide insights into the importance of healthy eating, physical activity, stress management, and other strategies to help you take control of your health.

    The webinar will be conducted in Hindi, English Marathi as per Audience demands. Please check the event details or promotional material for language information specific to the webinar you are interested in.

    Yes, you can directly enroll for the course without attending the webinar. The webinar serves as an informational session, but if you are already familiar with the content or prefer to go straight to the course, you are welcome to enroll directly.

    Yes, we offer online consultations. Our experts are available for virtual consultations to provide personalized guidance and support in managing Prediabetes and adopting a healthy lifestyle. Please contact our customer support or visit our website to schedule an online consultation.

    While it is important to make healthy food choices to manage Prediabetes, our approach focuses on balance and flexibility. We encourage a well-rounded diet that includes a variety of foods, including those you enjoy. Our experts will provide guidance on portion control, meal planning, and making healthier substitutions to accommodate your preferences while still supporting your goals.

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