Our Mission

Making Millions of people Happier, Healthier, Prosperous and Positive!

Our Philosophy - E.A.R.N

Diet is not about starving. It is eating the right food, in the right quantity, at the right time.

Welcome to Activénse! A space that treats you and your body individually. Where we understand your routines, analyse your body and provide you with accurate, customised solutions. With our experience and skill, we construct a healthy lifestyle around your habits and your preferences.

Started in 2013 as Saundarya Nutrition and Beauty Consultancy, Activénse shaped up as a niche entity in 2016. The mantra is simple – to help our clients become active with sensible, practical solutions. Our philosophy is encapsulated in the term E.A.R.N.

e. Exercise

To exercise is to pamper your body. It is giving it discipline and setting it in motion. And once in motion, a fit body can do wonders to your lifestyle.

a. Attitude ( positive mental )

Positive attitude is the foundation of a happy life. Once this becomes a habit, your body, your mind and your soul all come in a wonderful sync.

r. Rest

Rest is the reward your body and mind deserve every day.They earn it by functioning flawlessly throughout the day. And they need it to continue their job the next day.

n. Nutrition

Nutrition is the thread that holds all the aspects together. It not only gives your body what it wants, but it makes your body what it is.


Shilpa A. Bhoskar, Nutritionist

Shilpa is the ever-smiling, ever-inspiring face of Activénse. With her background in Microbiology, MBA and as a certified Nutritionist, she brings insight and multiple facets to her job.

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Ashish S. Bhoskar PMP®, CSM®,

NLP Trainer

A certified NLP Master Practitioner and NLP Trainer, Ashish Brings in his methodical and result oriented approach to Activénse.

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Esteemed Clients

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