Salad (125 gm) - One Time

Salad (125 gm) - One Time

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Please refer day wise salad menu before you place the order.

Shilpa, our Founder Director and Nutrition Expert, always recommends a well-balanced diet with multi-coloured foods rich in good carbs, proteins, good fats and fibre.

We at Activense, serve you these well-balanced salads which satisfy all the above requirements!! Our salads are prepared using wide variety of veggies, fruits and protein-rich foods, accompanied with lip-smacking delicious dressings prepared by us. You can relish our salads as a Main Course or as an Accompaniment or just pop them up as healthy snacks at your snack time.

Superb for Diabetics, weight-watchers, heart patients, muscle builders and every person who wants to lead a healthier life!!

Come and join our Mission of making Millions of people Healthier, Happier, Prosperous and Positive.