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 Do Detox Diets Really Work?

With the current lifestyle and environment, we are adding loads of toxins to our bodies daily, be it through food, water, air, medicines, stress, negativity, disturbing psychology, and many more things.

The current detox diets people follow on their own for a day or 3 days just scrape a thin layer of toxins from your body. Let’s say there is a vessel that has been used for years together to store hard water, it will have a thick coating of the minerals deposited on its inner walls, can we remove that layer in one go? NO, similarly, the toxins which have been built up in our body for several years, can they be removed by a one-day or 3-day cleansing? The answer would be a BIG NO. If you shift to the same routine again after this 1 or 3-day detox, do you think it is going to work for you? There has to be a shift in your lifestyle; we need to become habitual to the changes we have made, and we need to follow a routine at least for 21 days to get habituated to it.

When we talk about a detox diet, this again works only on the physical level, what about the emotional and psychological toxins which we keep with us like a treasure? Unless we get rid of those toxins as well, we cannot say that we have started a detox process in our bodies.

So, do Detox Diets Really Work? YES. If you follow them for longer by detoxing at all levels, body, mind, and soul.

Dt. Shilpa Ashish Bhoskar