Our Expert - Shilpa A. Bhoskar

Shilpa, the Founder Director, is the ever-smiling, ever-insipiring face of Activense. With her background in Microbiology, MBA and Master’s degree in Dietetics and Food Service Management she brings insight and multiple facets to her job. Always a keen observer, she understands her clients’ nutritional needs acutely and comes with original, practical and scientifically backed solutions. She has a vast clientele of about 7000+ of various age groups. From Child nutrition to geriatric nutrition, from sports nutrition to various life-style issues. she has worked in multiple areas.

Typical of a consultant, Shilpa also loves to talk a lot. She shares her kowledge through camps, seminars and health talks.

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National Awards

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The E.A.R.N. Philosophy

Diet is not about starving. It is eating the right food, in right quantity, at the right time. Welcome to Activense! A space that trears you and your body individually!!